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Colin Webb, Wyedean 1987.

A48 closed.

For those travelling to Chepstow to the Wyedean on Friday 13th Feb, the A48 at Aylburton will be CLOSED between Monday 9th Feb and Friday 13th Feb 9.00am to 3.30pm for road resurfacing. This is the road between Gloucester and Chepstow via Lydney.

Suggest alternative routes.....

If travelling via Gloucester; A40 to Ross, Monmouth down the Wye Valley (A466) to Chepstow. A40, A4136 via Coleford to Monmouth down the Wye Valley (A466) to Chepstow.

From the North: M5, M50, Ross, Monmouth down the Wye Valley (A466) to Chepstow. OR M5, M48 Old Severn Bridge (Toll) to Chepstow.

There are alternatives but these are the easiest towing a trailer.....

The Wyedean at 40.

The Wyedean at 40 book is priced at £10 and is a soft cover publication of 116 A4 pages with a 16 page colour section.

The book includes a synopsis of the 39 Wyedean Stages Rallies that have taken place since 1975, and contributions from competitors who have faced the challenge of some of the best known Rally Special Stages in the UK.

The chosen good causes benefiting from sales of the book are The Midlands Air Ambulance Charity and The League of Friends of The Dilke Hospital.

To order a copy download the form

Grab your Official Progamme.

The full colour programme is a wealth of information, with details of all the stages and official car parks. Also enclosed is a time table, an entry list and a history of the event.

The programme will be on sale for only £3.00 at all official car parks. But for those who cannot wait, it will be available at outlets in the area. The programmes will be on sale from Saturday 7th

The list of outlets can be found here.

Official Car Park Locations.

Plan your day using our list of official car parks. This list give details of all the stages near the car park, the first car time and a map referance.

Download the car park list

Official Car Park Charges.

The car park charge is £6.00, once you have your ticket you may then use it at any of the official car parks, as many times as you wish.

Don't forget programmes will also be on sale at the car parks.

Please Note.

There is NO parking at the racecourse. Entry will not be permitted for cars in Service or Rally HQ.

We have an auxiliary service stop at Beechenhurst, which may be a good opportunity to see the cars and drivers, please note that parking in Beechenhurst is limited, but there are other car parks within easy walking distance.

DO NOT park on the verges of the roads. If you are lucky you will get a ticket, if you are unlucky your car will be in the police pound.

We have tthree stages not listed in the programme, these are not spectator stages as there is no suitable parking available.


Please take care when travelling around the Forest of Dean, keep to the speed limits, drive sensibly and help us maintain the good relationship that we enjoy with the local inhabitants.
The police will be on a high profile and have our full support.

The Forest of Dean Motor club hope you have an exciting and safe day of motorsport.

Wrap up.

While we are not expecting the amount of snow from a few years ago, some inclement weather is a possibility.

Be aware that some of the stages are exposed to the wind and it will feel a lot colder than the temperature would suggest.

Warm clothing and a flask with a hot drink would be a good idea.

If the stage is covered with snow or ice, then please stand further back, competitors may find it more difficult to maintain control of their vehicles on bends and junctions.

Why pay to use the forest car parks?

There is often some contention about having to pay to park on the day of the Wyedean, so letís look at the history.

Back in the late 50ís and early 60ís, events such as the RAC Rally used the Forest of Dean, but many of the local residents knew nothing of it, and it caused little disturbance. As the 60ís progressed however, rallying increasingly became a spectator sport, with more media coverage and big name sponsors backing it.

The national popularity of the sport saw many local events begin.
When the Wyedean started in 1975, the organisers saw that parking could be a potential problem, envisaging verge-side parking, blocked roads and the complaints that would follow.
After discussion with the Forestry Commission, Police, Highways Agency and other event organisers the Forest of Dean Rally Car Parks Fund was set up. This now comprises local Lions Clubs, Round Tables and Rotary Club, that man the car parks together with the Forestry Commission.

The advantage to this system is that the money raised on the day is kept by the Lions, Round Table and Rotary Clubs, and finds its way back to the local community via their charity work.
Also because the car parks are located near to the stages, they provide easy access for viewing the event and there are refreshments and toilet facilities available at many of them. They also provide more security than leaving your car at the side of the road !

Please use the car parks Ė if you donít then you could be jeopardising the whole event, as it relies on the goodwill of the local authorities and residents to take place.

And just in case you decide not to use them, just remember the police may remove your vehicle Ė so surely itís cheaper to use the car parks!

Have a safe and enjoyable day.

Some safety information.

  • Prepare yourself.
    The area's we use for our events can have unpredictable weather. Please make sure you have sturdy shoes or boots, waterproof garments.

  • Always listen to and obey the marshals.
    We take spectator safety very seriously and would like you to enjoy the event without putting yourself or others in danger. The marshals will always tell you the best places you can safely watch the event.

  • Children and animals.
    It is not ideal to take small children and pets with you on these events, if it is unavoidable then please ensure that they are under control at all times.

  • Do not walk across or on the track.
    In addition to the competitors there will also be a number of official vehicles, some at high speed, both before and after the event.
    It is never safe to get too close, stones will fly over long distances and some vehicles may not make a lot of noise as they approach ..... Be alert at all times

  • Car Parking.
    The organisers will ensure that adaquate parking is available. These official car parks are manned by local charities and are close to the stages. If you park elsewhere then please make sure you are not blocking an emergency access road.
    Any vehicle found blocking an emergency access road WILL be moved.

    Please note, the local police take a very dim view of parking on the verges of roads, it could end up costing you a lot more than the car parking fee (which goes to charity)

  • Fires.
    Do not light any fires or BBQ's

  • Smoking.
    If a car stops near you or you go to assist a competitor, DO NOT smoke.

The FODMC hope you have a safe and enjoyable event.
Please remember, the police will be around with speed camera's, so drive safely and legally.

Event Officials.

Clerk of Course.
Phil Turley.
07831 406085

Entries Secretary
Lilian Turley
Oakdene, 32 Park Road
Berry Hill, Coleford
Gloucestershire GL16 7QU
01594 810161, 07896 967443

Press Officer.
Andrew Haill
0121 313 1416

Chief Marshal.
John & Sam Brain.

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